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Read Your Horoscope Now:. Get ready for a whole new energy—calmer, steadier and more certain. Your December horoscope Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during Jupiter, the planet of expansion, changes signs once a year. Ready for calculated risks and Your holiday gratitude is anchored in tradition this year, but it could be served with The sun graces this worldly and expansive sign Emerge from the depths and clear away confusion! Messenger planet Mercury snaps out of a Daily Horoscopes: December 3, Daily Horoscopes: December 2, When were on holiday, we can step back and see the bigger picture and appreciate everything around us with a fresh, positive, eyes-of-a child perspective:Everything is awesome!

Imagine returning to work with this mindset.

Your Horoscope and Spirit Emoji for the Week of March 22

Or imagine never having to return to work? Cosmo puts you in this mindful mindset every month, and especially on vacation mode this month. Flip through March and even a lunch break out of the office will feel like a holidayfrom our dreamy shoots Surf Turf p. So our big advice: Kill the Negatron p.

Get Inspired 20 times by femmespirations who are This month, everything, p. Arm yourself with vital stats about Cosmo takes you the sisterhood in What Its Like to be a Woman in the where the action Philippines p. Have the yourself. Everything is awesome, especially you! Hunky hubby Jericho Rosales, of course. These orange Ray Ban flashlens shades! Cosmo fashion editor Happy Lopez gets close to Echo, chambray-and-leather twinsies, editorial assistant Tricia Javier and art director Hazel Malagonio savor their Derek Ramsay sandwich.

More on Derek, p. Celeb BF Stalkerazzi No. Im an avid reader of Cosmo and the January issue was perfect for me.

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Im a big fan of Kath, so it was such a treat to see my fave TV star on my favorite magazine! And Instat Celebrigram was such a treat to read! Im a fan of the stars featured, so it was denitely a boost for me as I try to get in shape this year. CAKE D. Wish you were spending all summer by the sea? Beach-ify your home, starting with your dining table.

Trays in fun colors and nature themes and a steady supply of iced coolers might make staying in the sweltering city more bearable. Power Up Going on a long trip alone? Make sure you have a working phone and a trusty portable charger in case of emergenciesand awkward small talk from strangers. Unless youre going for a swim, its a Cosmo Commandment to never leave the house with wet, straightfrom-the-shower hair.

This psychadelic dryer will always put you in the mood to take the extra minutes to look put-together. Pretty twinkly lights dont have to be synonymous with the holidays. Creating good lighting can affect the entire look and feel of your space: Hang up pretty paper lanterns in your bedroom or living room, turn off your overhead light, and leave these ona surefire mood-setter for warm summer nights. Youre ready to hop on the plane to your dream destination, but so is everyone else. Airports can be pretty cray during peak season, so label your luggage carefullyyour OOTDs might end up on someone elses IG.

When partying at the beach, the less you have on you, the better. Ditch the bag for a pouch you can stick on your smartphone. Theres enough room for your ID and credit card or a peso bill, but itll still t into your shorts pocket the perfect party companion. Saving money to fund travel and adventure. File your receipts to keep track of your expenses little things add up , and do your accounting monthly so you know where your money goes.

When was the last time you laid out on the grass and stared at clear, blue skies? Fill a picnic basket with merienda, grab a blanket, and head to the garden for some bonding with friends and nature.

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Whether under the sun or indoors, keep hydrated 10 people die of heatstroke every day in Manila. Not a fan of plain water? Get a personal blender that does double duty as a tumbler for smoothies you can drink throughout the day.

Yearly Horoscopes | Jessica Adams

Having to borrow a towel. Some resorts dont provide them so always bring one, just in case. Pack a lightweight type and they can double as a banig for your tanning sessions on the sand. Hot summer days are here and Heart has the easiest tricks that will keep you fresh and beautiful all season long. Light Base Nothing says fresh than the no-makeup look. Instead of loading up on foundation, trade your usual layers of makeup for a softer approach less powder, more light shades of makeup. If you decide to go barefaced for the day, refresh by mid-day with a two-minute facial wash.

Co-created with cosmetic dentists, the quest for visibly whiter teeth is within reach with. Closeups Blue Light Technology. It c creates an optical effect for whiter te teeth. It also contains ains s silica, which re removes stains a progressivelyy and w whitens teeth w regular use.

D Dazzling white s smile under the e s sun? Yes, please! Tweak the palette for your puckers with burgundy colors. Soften the shade by smudging it a bit for an after-kiss effect. You can also pump up your lips with perfect shades of plum. Totally hot! Beautiful B tif l B Buns Keep your look beach-ready and sexy with buns. When its too hot and when you dont have enough time for a blowout, go for a Japanese-inspired messy chignon.

Drizzle your hair with a little bit of hair spray and shine spray, then pull it up into a tight and high ponytail. Pair this look with a fun pair of earrings, and youll look fab in a snap! TIP Just like Heart, take this beauty must-have with you wherever you go. She doesnt try, but still manages to look like a daydream dressed like a daydream. Before you shed a tear of envy or fifty , a quick PSA: Coleen Garcias betterthan-Photoshop body is a far second to what she really has going for her. The girls mind is a goldmine.

The effort you put in swiping on lipstick is the same effort it takes to successfully find something to hate about Coleen Garcia. As soon as you see the cherubic face, the lazy hairs on the back of your neck stand, and your Girl Instinct straight up tingles: This is the girl Mom warned me about. The resting nice face is a front, you think shes probably the type to compliment what youre wearing, only to tell her brat pack that its the ugliest f-ing skirt shes ever seen.

Most Lucky Zodiac Signs Of 2020

She totally doesnt eat beyond a miserable cube of cheese every day to maintain her body. She looks like she wont think twice about nicking your boyfriend, and she totally gives side-eyes when you wave at her in the mall. Thats what people like to think, anyway. Everyone has haters, Coleen says.

Helen Gurley Brown, 1922–2012, Went Everywhere

Somehow, her voice maintains its chirpy, syrupy quality. Even the Pope has haters. The Pope na yun ha! It just goes to show that you cant please everyone, no matter who you are, no matter what you do. So I might as well be happy, di ba?

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It doesnt make sense to dwell on what people have to say, especially if they dont know you. She flashes her dimpled perma-smile, a subtle burn. To achieve the late s Holy Trinity of a killer body perky boobs, gravity-defying butt, flat no, concaveabs , celebrities kill themselves at the gym and shun eating anything thats a carb or that moves. They make sure you know it, too: Ran 10K this morning! A super-fresh photo goes up on Instagram. VSCO-filtered greens show. On the daily noontime variety show she hosts, Its Showtime, she puts her own face on and styles herself.

When she exercises and cuts down on junk food, unlike thousands of other somethings, the idea isnt to look like a mannequin. I dont want to look like a Victorias Secret model, because kulang sa puwet, kulang sa hips. There are so many people who want to get a thigh gap, and Im trying to fill it in!

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  4. She stresses the last three words like shes on the last few reps of weightliftingher secret to being toned all over. I would rather be curvy and voluptuous than be super skinny.

    In a Cosmo first, a very much showbiz boyfriend of a cover star is also around for the shoot. When Coleen peels off the blanket shes been using to keep warm in the 18C makeshift studio, she reveals herself in a multicolored triangle bikini, with muscles in places you never thought they could exist in.