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Both loyal and stable, they could find the strength in each other to do everything, they could really become some kind of reckless pair of friends that would book a table for two among the courts of hell. Scorpio is a born love predator that seeks dominance and depth, while Capricorn is a shy creature that strives for the approval and company of strong, ambitious people.

If they were asked what type of person would their dream crush be, they would unknowingly describe each other. In the case where instead a Scorpio misses to notice the interest of a Capricorn, things are going to potentially become tragicomically messy. This kind of Capricorns truly run a high risk to be classified as creepy by a suspicious Scorpio, so it should be better for them to try to relax and express themselves with less anxiety.

Capricorn is solid ground to count on: Scorpio will never fear to be abandoned anymore. As enemies , this couple that is so nice on a good relationship becomes instead a frightening sight of solid hate. They are both unafraid to battle a total war against each other, whatever the reason for that might be. It could become a real tragedy, because an angry, aggressive Scorpio can get really wicked: he will find in the blink of an eye the weak spot of Capricorn and totally exploit it to irreversibly, completely break him to a murder.

Earth signs register their life in building blocks: everything that happens to them gets compacted, made into cement. It will make them heartless. As friends , basing on their Rising, Moon and Venus signs, Scorpios can go from total weirdos, to coy loners, to straight up intimidating people, while it takes Cancers some very specific nasty combinations to make them variate negatively from the sweet and soft-hearted model they usually offer — so witnessing their first approaches should make for a funny and tender sight, like one of a very small child petting a gigantic black bulldog: Scorpios are hardly extroverted, it should usually take Cancers to make the first move and try to socialize with them.

Persistence and coherence will make the best kind of friend out of a Scorpio; Cancers get often criticized for their clinginess, but it might actually be helpful with someone that needs the people in their life to be deeply loyal like Scorpios do. Cancer keep a cute album of photos and drawings of the friendship; Scorpio will keep one etched in his mind and soul.

As lovers , in bed, Cancer is the unexpectedly kinky, and a Scorpio will be very gladly surprised.

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Just when Scorpio thought he would definitely scare his companion away forever and ever with his demonic, unhinged true self, there the Cancer will absolutely stay and make once again beauty from the mess. Hardly other two or three other pairings in the zodiac can pull off the same level of romance and depth that spawns between these two; it really requires the coldest Moon, Venus and Mars matches to prevent this relationship from working.

They could become enemies in a situation where they already have some other precious things or people in each other lives, and the other one is being a problem towards what they care about. Scorpio and Cancer are two signs that make a personal enemy of what is menacing their loved ones, and both of them can be subtle, manipulative and very evil when it comes to get revenge.

Two fixed signs: they are both strongly affectionate to their opinions and they influence the world by acting at a slow, tireless pace, like waves eroding the reeves or oxygen tarnishing metals.

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Being a water and an air sign, they are dominated respectively by their emotions and their rationality. Without the help of a carefree and flexible planet positioning in their natal chart, Scorpio Suns may end up listing psychological trauma as a past time activity: they have an insanely complex internal life and tend to overanalyze and control everything they can.

Aquarius, instead, usually evade their problems with all their might, and prefer to live free of any drama-derived stress.


As friends , a good combination of Rising and Venus signs could make them look fascinated at each other. Interests and hobbies would keep them very close: if they find themselves sharing what they like, they might spend whole days and nights obsessing together over common fandoms and projects. Both of them having strong and interesting personalities, their friendship could easily become the base for a larger squad. In a serious relationship, Scorpios would develop a major trust-crave: they already need to be in a dominant position in their everyday issues, let alone if they have to completely open and tie to someone.

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When they feel vulnerable and unsure, Scorpios turn into hellspawn: aggressive, commanding, manipulative, uncomprehending, controlling, jealous. As enemies , their fighting strategies depend on their Mars sign, as the power of their language on their Mercury sign. Be careful to never betray a Scorpio.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Prometiste quedarte, pero te fuiste de todos modos. They would conceptually dislike each other, or hold no interest in their reciprocal existence. They should share an incredible quantity of interests and common aspects about their way of living to socialize properly by themselves. As lovers , they make for quite a romance of despair. Every wrong Moon, Venus and Mars match is a different kind of tragedy. They both treasure loyalty, so they would hardly betray each other in the situation of a serious commitment.

Maybe the best road for them is to remain uncommitted and stick to the occasional sex, but even that could be hard, because, aided in this by earthy and watery natal charts, they could very well like each other too much to tolerate the idea of an open relationship.

The Best (and Worst) Scents for Every Sign—for Perfume, Candles, and More |

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