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Saturn, the lord of 5th and 6th houses, it gives neutral results. As 5th is specious, but Saturn had its moolatrikona in 6th house.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

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Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant)

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Kanya Virgo is owned by Buddha Mercury which is also in its exaltation here. Shukra Venus is debilitated in this sign. Kanya Virgo produces intense activity in the realm of the intellect and psychic consciousness, where there is no place for personal pleasure and enjoyment. There is little of merriment produced by this sign, but for the attainment of siddhis there is no other sign which can be so helpful. Kanya Virgo is indeed very difficult to comprehend. It is the only sign in the zodiac symbolized by a single human figure and its mystic nature is enhanced by the fact that it is a maiden, not a married female adult.

The way Kanya Virgo influences the individual is difficult to describe. It symbolizes the Female Power shakti. Yavanacharya described Kanya Virgo as holding fire in one hand — the significance of this statement becomes clear only when one pursues the symbolism of fire. There is not a thing or a particle in the universe which does not contain some land of latent fire.


Kanya Virgo holds within itself the power which enables everything to grow. Just as a mother tenderly guides the growth of her child, even suffering for her child, so Virgo cares for the manifest universe. On the superficial level of existence, Kanya Virgo produces suffering, disquiet, and movement of an undesirable nature. But for inner quietude and tranquility, the grace of the World Mother whom this sign represents is essential.

The maiden is shown seated in a boat, holding a chaff of grain hi one hand and fire in the other.

The maiden is Kanya 's primary symbol; the boat, the fire, and the handful of freshly cut grain are secondary. Moving in the current of manifestative flow, the creative potential moves to provide food and sustenance for its children. This is a sign of great sensitivity. It represents energy concealed in matter. Latest news. All rights reserved. Like His enemy and true father Chandra, Budha is exceptionally impressionable.

Budha as planetary patron of 10th navamsha for a Kanya native indicates a great facility in sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, or any of the communicative-administrative activities of commercial business. The person may be an extraordinary sales professional if Budha is well disposed.

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  • Good and bad planets for Virgo Ascendant /Kanya Lagna.

Emerald will always act as a protective charm or talisman for the natives of this Ascendant and will also bestow good health, longevity, success and advancement in profession and name, fame and honour. If Mercury is afflicted in any way or not auspiciously placed in the birth chart, wearing of Emerald will neutralise the evil effects of such disposition. Normally however wise and expansive Guru is also beneficial for good homelife, favors Schooling, and assists a wise choice of compatible spouse -- unless the teachings of Professor Guru are subject to prolonged and repeating lessons which are in reality multiple opportunities for accepting of gifts of understanding usually via constrictive drishti.

Guru bhukti foster an interest in schooling for purpose of gaining diplomas and licenses.

Vastu Tip of the Day

Periods of bandesha-4 predict significant educational completion, such as learning a new trade skill or earning a professional diploma. Presuming Guru is healthy and there is no severe resistance in bhava-4 or bhava Guru bhukti bring energy into the career by expanding the range of responsibilities and scope of personal influence. Alliances yuvatipathi-7 Brihaspati can generate a surprisingly polarizing catalytic experience in regard to failed growth expectations and less humanistic fulfillment in relationships both personal and professional.

Alliances and advisers are not as expansive or comprehensive perhaps as one thought. Although executive roles in organizations 10 are not affected by Guru unless Guru occupies 10 , the leadership-supporting partnerships that are essential to career, while seeming to promise prosperity and abundance, may prove not much more than adequate. Even considering all of Brihaspati's natural auspiciousness, and numerous genuine benefits arriving due to Guru, the Vimshottari periods of Brihaspati are likely to produce characteristically Guru-ized problems such as excessive or presumptive optimism, overexpansion, bloated expectations of one's children, overreliance on philosophical beliefs and generally misplaced faith in human potential.

One tends to hear the spouse-partner re-affirming belief in the potential of their marital union, but this chat may mask an underlying fractiousness; to see agreement 7 in contractual deals where there are competing interests rather than mutual alliance; to assume, presume, and expect that one's diplomas and licenses will continue to support an expanding knowledge of the world.


Virgo Ascendant - Virgo Rising Sign – Kanya Lagna

One expects to have been provided well by the teachers however, the quality of the basic schooling is often inflated. Even if Guru is well-disposed, it can be a time of fall from naive religious faith and loss of confidence in collegial relationships. In general, one may receive bad advice from both parent-teachers and partner-counselors that is not malintended but simply unrealistic.

Marriage and Children, Grandchildren Marriage and children are affected by the badhesha function of Guru who for Kanya is the overarching lord of the Home bandesha-4 and bandesha-4 -from As a general rule, spouse is well-qualified and capable and children are admirable in qualities yet both tend to fall below expectation. One may place high hopes in spouse and offspring based upon their schooling Guru, 4, 7 or religious vows Guru, 7.

One may believe that a large home Guru bandesha-4 and a generous attitude toward one's own parents 4 will guarantee a prosperous Guru and secure 4 future. However, it generally turns out that parents consume more energy than they produce especially in their old age, when they must be sheltered Parental 4 religious convictions Guru may be discovered to be more dogmatic and less sincere than originally expected. There is a general life feeling overall for most Mithunaya-lagna and Kanya-lagna natives that marriage and usually children too have not realized their growth potential.

This feeling is not crippling unless Guru is badly nichha-amza. It mainly expresses as a general ennui. For Kanya, parents although expected to be agents of expansion and generosity may cause more than a little burdensome hindrance in life. Vimshottari Dasha of Brihaspati Depending on characteristics of Brihaspati according to yuti-graha, rashi, drishti. Guru's mulatrikona being Dhanushya, overall effects of bandhu-bhava-4 are generally somewhat stronger than the effects of yuvatithana Because of the role played by Professor Guru for the Kanya nativity, and the natural animosity of Guru toward lagnesha Budha, it is a common experience that a steady sequence of home-culture and folkways concerns would accompany a great and complementary concern with the expansion of marital and business contracts during this year mahadasha.

The father may perhaps inadvertently give confident but misleading advice based on vague beliefs or dogmatic preaching. Often the father's worldview Guru is flawed by his being out of touch with the real world , having been ill or sequestered in a foreign land for long duration, or being poorly educated. Fathers, professors, and educated partners in whose good character one implicitly believed - may fail to reach their potential. Badhaka agents: Other Periods of Guru may also evoke, from the list of dramatis personae, a badhaka agent in the form of a"falls below expectations " teacher-preacher, professor, priest, religious or moral authority.

For Kanya-lagna women, a primary underperforming badhaka agent may be her first husband -- who matches the high potential-low performance model provided by her father. Consequently he suffers from Kendra adhipati dosha. Still if the Jupiter is in the Ascendant, 2nd, 4th and 7th in his own sign giving rise to Hamsa yoga , 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th, yellow sapphire should be worn by the natives of the Ascendant in the major and sub-periods of Jupiter.

But those who are in apprehension of death on account of old age or illness or if their horoscope indicates short life, should not wear this gem stone, as Jupiter is a strong death inflicting planet for this Ascendant. Those natives of this ascendant who find obstructions in the progress of their educational activities , or those who suffer from set backs in property matters , should wear a Yellow Sapphire for removal of their difficulties.

కన్య లగ్నం. Kanya Lagna Characteristics. MS Astrology - Vedic Astrology in Telugu Series.

For masculine incarnations, Zukra has special significance as the kalatrakaraka represetning the feminine partner wife-figure The Kanya lagna male will enjoy the company of women who exemplify the two domains, 2 and 9, which Zukra commands from Kanya lagna. Her gracious presence may contribute to one's material enjoyment of treasury and conserved knowledge, as well as world travel and religion; likely she will have financial skills and an international lifestyle.

As Dharmesha-9 Zukra favors artistic and musical talents for the grandchildren and accomplishments in arts and music for students of the guru. Zukra is also a maraka graha who will effect a saturation of pleasure, when the time has come. Wearing of a Diamond will ensure gain of abundant wealth, birth of children, fortune , great learning, renown and honours. The results will be more pronounced during the major and sub-periods , particularly if Venus is in his own sign in the 2nd or the 9th. Wearing of Emerald , the gem stone of this Ascendant, along with Diamond through out life will ensure long life and success in all ventures.

The creativity and of fspring although delayed are typically well-disciplined ; however, Professor Shani's dictates may bring conflict in marriage , losses from lawsuits, health issues , and financial strain from loan debt. See Professor Shani's bhava and rashi to know the main agents of the good and bad results.

Periods of vidyapathi-5 Shani -or- Guru -or- Dharmesha-9 Professor Zukra will produce children, eventually - unless Shani occupies bhava-5 or bhava-9 in a challenging rashi, or bhava-5 is otherwise subject to prolonged and repeating lessons which are in reality multiple opportunities for accepting of gifts of understanding usually via constrictive drishti. The main consideration is whether one's lifestyle is already weakened via any sort of addictive behaviors rogesha-6 including co-dependent or mutually exploitive relationships which are incapable of locating the terms of a lasting agreement.

For example, if the Kanya native is a usual suspect at the medical clinic, the police station, or the social services office; constantly involved in demeaning relationships rogesha-6 or pressed into servitude; or chronically burdened with debt pays off one loan, only to quickly assume another - then the Nilam, despite its overall auspice for bhava-5, is not going to help. Actually, the imagery of Shani is promoted via the unconscious expectation that human relationships are fundamentally exploitive, that animosity-debt-disease are "normal", and that scarcity of resources is a permanent and irremediable condition of human life.